Recurring Payment Issue

Just reporting a little issue I’ve found for you.

Due date sets to 1st of the following month unless you set to “use client terms”

How To Recreate:
Setup a recurring invoice, set due date as anything other than “use client terms”.

Could it be my installation:
I do have these client paying auto bill through Gocardless this could be affecting it?

Set all client terms to mimic the correct due date. i.e NET7 from the 7th of each month makes correct due date as 14th.

I’m having trouble replicating the problem, what value are you selecting for ‘Due Date’ in the recurring invoice?

For me literally any value other than Client terms sets the due date to the 1st. (on any client)
I’ll do some more digging and try and re-pro it in other places :slight_smile: