Recurring invoices


I wondered about an observation I made concerning recurring invoices.

When I run the script in the shell, I get the output

2017-01-23 Running SendRecurringInvoices...
2 recurring invoice(s) found
Processing Invoice 4 - Should send NO
Processing Invoice 17 - Should send NO
0 due recurring invoice instance(s) found

Although I do have 16 recurring invoices. The script only counts the ones, which I manually sent once, not the ones I have planed with a start date in the future. Will they be counted, shown in the output and sent when the start date has been reached? Moreover, I can’t force the sending of a recurring invoice it seems like. I created an new annual invoice with the start date in 2015 - not sending it manually once - and it isn’t sent when I run the script. Maybe you can help me understand the system behind?

Best Greetings from Germany

If the start date is in the future then they’re filtered out of the script to improve performance.

Did you click ‘Mark Sent’ for the test invoice, the script won’t send to draft invoices.

Ah perfect, now it is working - thank you for the quick help! :slight_smile:

Great to hear!