Recurring invoices sent too often


I just upgraded to the newest version - had to upgrade to php 7.0 too.
When I tried the cronjob in order to be sure everything is working fine, I got shocked because InvoiceNinja just sent me 6 mails with invoices the system sent - although I thought there would not be any to send, as the output of the script says too.

Despite that, the invoices have been created in the system. It seems that there’s a problem with the selected "anual = “Jährlich”-term, whereas it appears two times and if you select the upper one, the time schedule seems rather like “half-anual”. I don’t have any idea why this is this way? And why is it now a problem, me running the script manually? This morning - before the update - the cronjob run of the script had not sent the mails out…


In general there seems to be a problem with the labelling of the recurring schemes, “Six months” = “Halbjährlich” results actually in a 3 months scheme, it’s not a translation problem. Just tested it with english language, the result is the same…

What are the results of this SQL query:

select * from frequencies

Also, if you load /update (or /public/update) what do you see?

For the /update = “Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found.”
I used the script.

SQL Output:

The table is incorrect, here’s what it should be:

| id | name         |
|  1 | Weekly       |
|  2 | Two weeks    |
|  3 | Four weeks   |
|  4 | Monthly      |
|  5 | Two months   |
|  6 | Three months |
|  7 | Four months  |
|  8 | Six months   |
|  9 | Annually     |

There was a problem with the update script where it wasn’t calling /update at the end, I’d suggest checking that you’re using the latest version of the script.

Perfect, updated the table - thanks!
Updated the script too - thx for the support!