Recurring Invoices Not Generating

I have several recurring invoices that were set up in May to begin 5/31 on a monthly basis, with Autobill set to “Always”. All of these recurring invoices were billed perfectly on 5/31, and they listed 6/30 as the “Send Next” / “Due Next” date.

It’s now 6/30 and none of these invoices have been generated or billed. (Interestingly, they still list 6/30 as the Send Next / Due Next date.) What might be going on here and how do I fix it to make sure these invoices get generated / billed by EOD today?

I’m using

Seems like this is a recurring / last day of the month issue? Would be great if “Last Day of the Month” was a frequency option when setting up recurring invoices.

Agreed, we plan to add this in v2