Recurring invoices not being emailed automatically


I’ve noticed that my recurring invoices are not getting emailed out as per the cron job.

Normal invoices are being emailed and automatic reminders are being sent as per the cron job.

I’m running v4.5.38 with php 7.3.

I double-checked the .env file.
In Settings / Invoice Settings / Workflow Settings / Invoice Workflow “Auto Email” is Enabled.

Email settings
Driver: SMTP
Encryption: SSL

What else can I check to see why the recurring invoices are not being emailed automatically on the dates that they should go out?


Were they working in the past and stopped working or has it never worked?

It may help to log the output from the crons.

They used to work. The ones earlier this year were sending out.

how do I log the cron output?

Did anything change?

I migrated to a new server.

Are there any relevant errors in the logs in storage/logs/

A common problem when moving servers is changing PHP to 7.4, You can check the CLI version by running php -v

There aren’t any errors beyond May 2021

When I check php -v on the server it says PHP 7.4.20 (cli)

But the Invoice NInja web app on the server is set to 7.3

Will this make a difference?

I set the cron to run every minute, and checked the server’s syslog, it’s definitely running. :thinking:

Changing the CLI PHP version to 7.3 should fix it

Okay, I’ll do change the cli php to 7.3 and monitor it.