Recurring Invoice, starting late

I always get myself in a mess with this, so wondered what is the best practise.

I often have to set up recurring monthly invoices for pre-pay services, and many clients require me to invoice them with 30 days notice. However, they usually get their act together quite late, and therefore the first invoice needs only 3 or 4 days notice, then the next invoice would be 30 days etc.

In other words:
Invoice 1 - 3 days notice sent on 11th of month due on 14th
Invoice 2 - 30 days notice sent on 14th
Invoice 3 - 30 days notice sent on 14th

Is there a way to do this with only setting up one recurring invoice (rather than a seperate one for the first)? I think I’ve tried setting up the start date in the past in the hope it would work, but not sure it did.

Many thanks

The app doesn’t support setting the start date to a date in the past but maybe you can change the start date to the date for the second invoice after the first invoice has been sent.