Recurring Invoice Set Pending

I have the cron setup, but am wondering if there is a good method to validate that it is running every 10 min as planned. I setup a recurring invoice and hit start, and it still says pending. This is a test, so I set it up as recurring daily, which did not happen.

Any good method to verify? I’m self hosting on shared hosting, so I did set it up through cPanel. My host believes it is setup correctly, but how can I verify?


If the cron isn’t running you should see an error in the app.

Note: in v5 we recommend configuring the cron to run once a minute.

I’m not seeing an error, so is there something else I can check?

@david what’s the best way to check that the cron is running?

Just updated to run every minute, but still not convinced its running correctly.

The cron is set as follows:

cd /home4/bbcomputing/public_html/billing && /opt/cpanel/ea-php74/root/usr/bin/php -d register_argc_argv=On artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1


If you inspected the accounts table in the database, the is_scheduler_running column should be set to 1

we have a background cron task which sets this column to 1, this is the only guaranteed way to know if the cron is working.

That is in fact set to “1”… however recurring invoice still says pending even though it should be recurring daily, and has been started.
Additionally, I changed cron to run every minute and this then threw a segmentation fault and my host changed it back to every 10 min. Is that common?

Any other ideas of what this issue could be? Just tested again, still set to pending (on a daily recurring invoice).

Would really love to start using invoice ninja, but this is holding me back.