Recurring invoice sent before email send time

Been using Invoice Ninja for a while, but have just started using recurring invoices. I’m trying to figure out why my first (and so far only) recurring invoice was sent approximately 10 hours before it should have been sent. Localization time zone setting is correct. Email send time setting is 6am. The invoice is set for the 1st of the month every three months. The first invoice should have been sent February 1 at 6am. Instead I received a bcc of the invoice email at 7:57 p.m. on January 31.



@david any thoughts?


Couple of things to check:

  1. What is the server time configured both on your server and PHP? We assume in our calculations that the server time is +0 UTC
  2. The send time is configured for the clients locale. Is this particular client in the same locale or different?
  3. The send time only applies to invoices created after this setting is updated (or after the recurring invoice fires for its next schedule).
  1. Your hosting it, so I assume you handle server time configuration.

  2. OK. The client is 1 hour behind me, so the invoice was sent about 11 hours too early.

  3. The send time was set prior to the first recurring invoice firing if that’s what you mean. Though it might have been set after the recurring invoice was initially created (but before the the invoice fired).


The next recurring should fire at the clients local time.