Recurring invoice sends immediately once generated


Just completed migrating to V5.

I rely on recurring invoices entering a draft state before being emailed so I can add details to the invoices via tasks. It seems like this functionality is present in V5, however, it doesn’t seem to work.

Settings → Workflow → Invoices → Auto Email is currently disabled (and has been). At the top of the hour invoices get generated and sent immediately. I’ve tried to toggle the Auto Email setting on / off several times and the emails are sent regardless.

There are no overrides in groups / clients. It should be globally disabled. I did note that overrides at the client level have a dropdown with 3 options: Use default, Enabled, Disabled but the global workflow settings just have a toggle. Perhaps the toggle being off isn’t translating to ‘Disabled’?

Thanks! V5 is a HUGE step forward.


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david


I’ve added in the check to prevent the recurring invoice from sending if the option has been disabled.

This will be resolved in the next release.

Hi David,

Thank you.

Do you have an idea when that would be? Hindsight says I shouldn’t have migrated at the end of the month when invoicing is due, but I spent too many hours filling up tasks in v5 so turning back and remigrating later would burn that effort.

the next release is a day or two away.

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Hi @david,

I think this is live now as an invoice just got generated and the logs don’t show it being sent. The status field displays ‘Sent’ however. For invoices generated but not sent, can the status be set to ‘Draft’?


Thoughts on this workflow? should a recurring invoice that is set to fire but not send have an invoice status of Draft?

I believe so. The invoice has been generated pending action from someone.

V4 works this way too and the status is draft for generated invoices.

Ideally the invoice should remains as draft, this gives the user a chance to modify the invoice before the client can see it.


I agree with the comments above :slight_smile: , draft is better than sent.

Just dropping a note here to say thank you very much for the quick turn around. Invoices now follow workflow rules and get generated as Drafts.

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