Recurring Invoice Send time is 12h out?

Hi, I have just set up Invoive Ninja on Hostinger hosting as was having issues with Bluehost.

On testing on Hostinger, I created a recurring invoice to send and the “Next Send Time” on an recurring invoice is being sest 12 hours out of the time set in the Email Settings. Is this just a visual bug please or is there something wrong with my configs?

Steps to reproduce:
Set send time in the settings to for instance “2PM”.
Create or edit a recurring invoice set to Daily.

Save and start Recurring Invoice.
Invoice is marked as Pending as expected, but the “Send Time” is set for 2AM?


Many thanks


Appears I had the wrong TimeZone in Localization settings!

I have now set it to Europe/London, but the timezone is now 1 hour out. Is this due to to summer daylight saving?

I have set the send time to 3PM but Next Send Time is being generated as 4PM.

Many thanks!


@david can you please advise?