Recurring Invoice Send Dates

I setup and converted to Invoice Ninja on 1/8/21 - I have a dozen recurring invoices. Even tho I specified the due date of the first of the month, it’s apparently waiting until the 8th of the month to send the invoices. How do I change this to send the invoices on the first?


You can set the start date to the first of the next month

The start date is set - it’s the send date that I can’t find a way to change.


You can change the next send date by changing the start date

That didn’t do anything and it won’t even let me email the invoices manually.

It may help if you can post a screenshot of the recurring invoice settings

Here you go.


I worked out my own method. I changed the date to 1/2/21 saved then changed to 1/1/21 and saved then emailed the invoice manually. Hopefully on 2/1/21 it will automatically email.

Ok, as I wrote initially I suggest setting the start date to the first of the next month