Recurring invoice not working (hosted)

I have a hosted, no-fee account. I have one recurring invoice set up, and it seems not to be generating invoices automatically. Am I mistaken in thinking that recurring invoices are automatically generated and sent?

I have this same problem:

  1. I make an invoice.
  2. I mark it recurring (send invoice by email goes inactive)
  3. I save the invoice and wait for the cron to run eventually.
  4. Nothing happens, tried many times.

I tried to setup the cron every 30 minutes:

php artisan ninja:send-invoices/usr/local/bin/php /path/to/ninja/artisan ninja:send-invoices

but it does not work, is there something wrong in the cron?

If you have a hosted account recurring invoices should be sent at the start of every hour. If it’s been more than an hour since you created it please email us with the details and we’ll check our logs to ensure it’s been sent.

If you’re self hosting you need to setup a cron. The details you’ve listed look correct, to debug it I’d suggest calling the artisan command manually to check that it’s working. If there are any problems there may be more details in storage/logs/laravel.log.

The recurring invoice on my hosted account was finally sent. But:

  1. It was sent on the 3rd of the month. How do you specify the date?
  2. It was sent late in the day. (I am in the Chicago/USA time zone.)
  3. When I click the link embedded in “Created by a recurring invoice” in the actual invoice, I get an error page with the following message:

Something went wrong…
If you’d like help please email us at

  1. It should be sent on the start date. If you’d like the next invoice to be sent on the 1st you’d need to create a new invoice with 1st of August as the start date.
  2. We don’t currently support specifying the sent time, we’ll consider it for a future release.
  3. I see the problem with the ‘created by’ link, it’ll be fixed in the next release.