Recurring invoice not in Invoices

I have recurring invoices. They are generated and sent but if I check in the Invoices dashboard, they aren’t visible to me.

How can I see them?


I’m not sure, the dashboard should include all invoices.

That’s what I thought so too. But I have some recurring invoices that are send and paid, but are missing in my invoices. I have imported them from Zoho Invoice, so maybe that’s something related to the issue?

So how to solve this?

Are they showing in the invoice datatable but not on the dashboard?

Can you confirm the invoice dates are in the dashboard date range.

How can I check that the dates are in the dashboard date range? I’m on hosted invoiceninja by the way.

The dashboard uses the invoice date field to determine if it’s in the selected range.

But how can I check it if I can’t see it? It is a recurring invoice which is generated and sent to my customer, but it isn’t visible in my dashboard. The frequency is yearly so I would assume the date that is generated by the recurring functionality should make it be in the date range.

Can you see the invoice in the invoice datatable?

If you have the invoice number you can use the search on the dashboard to find it.

Where can I find the invoice datatable?

To clarify it a bit.

I have a recurring invoice as you can see on this screenshot:

In this screenshot you see that there is no invoice with that date in the list:

Also you see that the invoice with number ending with 106 is missing. You see only the invoices with 105 and 107. If I search for that invoicenumber with 106 I don’t get any. But I know for sure it is sent, because the customer paid for it.

@david do you have any thoughts?

Do you see the payment for the invoice in the app?

At the very bottom of the invoice list there are three tiny icons. The first one (three lines forming a downward pointing triangle) says “filter”. Can you click that and check what happens if you also turn on viewing of “archived” and “deleted” invoices?

No don’t see payment for the invoice in the app. Don’t see it in activity and system log too.

I included all in the filter but no luck.


Can you ping us at with the company name this is happening on, i’ll be able to advise more.

Pinged you by email.


Did you get a response? I didn’t see your email come through at all?

Try checking the sorting options.

If you are sorting by invoice number then they will probably be at the end of the list as they are prefixed with r.

If you sort by date sent do you see them at the top?

Thanks, I’m in contact with support mail. Seems to be related with the fact that my V4 was still running besides InvoiceNinja V5.