Recurring Date now set to 1st of month. Need a way of specifying.

I had several invoices that all the sudden changed to go out on the first of March instead of earlier the previous month. Some of these had due dates on the 2nd of the month, so that’s crazy. We need a simple way of stating the day we want the invoice sent out, every month, so we know it is consistent. This invoice now shows it was repeat on the 1st of each month in the future. I don’t know if February messed it up, or what.

I’m not sure…

If there were monthly invoices last sent on Jan 29-31 then they wouldn’t be sent on Feb 28 but should be sent Mar 1.

Note: the due date and send dates are separate in the app.

Are you using or self hosting?

FYI… we’ll look into fixing this in our next major release.