Recover your Password is not working

Hi -

We just noticed that our self hosted app has an issue recovering user passwords. We use Mailgun and every other mail delivery is fine but password recovery at logon screen.

Can you please address that?


Are you using the latest version of the app (v4.4)?

Yes, we are.

An update: I created a new user and noticed that email invitation is not going out also.


I’m not sure, can you try using an SMTP email provider to see if it’s related to Mailgun.

Hi Hillel -

Thanks for your quick response. I’ve been trying with different smtp servers and the problem persist. When test mail or invoice is sent works fine but password recovery or new user creation.

Any ideas?

Try enabling debug mode and then checking for a “Sending email…” line in storage/logs/laravel-info.log

Thank’s for the quick response Hillel -

Following your directions, this is what I get on storage/logs/laravel-info.log:

[2018-04-29 18:14:04] production.INFO: Sending email - To: | Reply: | From: [] []

Really appreciate your help…

The reply and from are blank, try running php artisan config:clear to see if it helps.

Thank’s for the quick response Hillel -

Once executed the code with response Configuration cache cleared!, the problem persists: [2018-04-29 19:53:07] production.INFO: Sending email - To: | Reply: | From: [] []

Any suggestion?


Is MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS defined in the .env file?

Hi Hillel -

Yes it is as


Do you have more than one company?


Try removing the 1_ from the property names in the .env file

That was the problem…

Everything is working fine now.

Thank you Hillel, case closed!

Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!