Recover deleted project/tasks?

I’ve deleted a project, which I more or less meant to do. I did not mean to delete its apparently dependent tasks.

Are there recovery options?

I’ve considered Mac’s Time Machine, but as far as I know I don’t have locally accessible data.

If I decide it’s important enough, I could transcribe the 9 task records from v4. Or is there an export/import option that works at either the task or project level?

None of this is mission-critical, since the details from the tasks are generally transcribed into their generated or corresponding invoices. Just would like to follow up as a matter of housekeeping.

Thanks in advance!


If you restore the projects I believe it should also restore the tasks.

Thanks! Also, sorry. “Restore the projects”? Where would I find that option?

You can change the filter at the bottom of the screen to include deleted projects and then use the restore option in the actions dropdown menu.

We’ll also look into keeping tasks visible when a project is deleted…

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Thank you on both counts.

For reference, the expected behavior was that the project would be dissociated from the tasks so that I could assign a new (existing duplicate) project to those tasks.

More specifically, I would have expected a system prompt mentioning any dependent/linked entities, and asking if I wanted to delete them or keep and dissociate/unlink them. That’s observed behavior borrowed from another context, so I’m not sure how well it applies to this one.


Thanks for the feedback!

The related tasks aren’t affected at all however the task lists automatically filters out tasks belonging to deleted projects and clients. We’ll change this to only filter out deleted clients instead.

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OK, thanks for the update, and the insights into system logic on visibility and “deletion.”