Receiving Miscellaneous Payments

We sell excursions online and to issue a paid invoice for every ticket is going to be problematic but I would like to show an ingress of money for a series of ticket sales online through Invoice Ninja as it manages the other elements of the business. What would you suggest…?

So, here’s the dilema…

I have an excursions business (2 actually) that sell tickets online.

I then have Invoice Ninja managing invoicing etc.

What I would like to do is show the payments received - PP fees of course through Invoice Ninja as an income.

Should I set each website up as a client and then issue a paid invoice to that client…?

Or is there another way I can show this income legitimately…?

If possible it’d be best to automate it to create the invoice, ie. using Zapier or the API.

Not sure if that answers your question…

Not really no but thanks Hillel.

I think the best solution will be to have the websites as clients (even though one operates under the same name) and issue a paid invoice for the income from each every month.