Received notification of payment over 3 hours, but didn't reflect payment on pay

I just want to know if anybody experience this using invoice ninja. This is the first time that had happened. I received a notification that invoice was paid - I am using paypal for the payments. It is now over 3 hours since the message and I still didn’t see a payment reflecting or appearing to my paypal account. I am not sure if this issue is with invoice ninja or paypal.

Yes, another user just emailed us: “I just got off the phone with PayPal. In case anyone else inquires, there is a known issue with PayPal & transactions posting to accounts.”

Apparently PayPal is working to resolve the issue.


Thanks Shalom, I believe it is. Had contacted my regular client and they didn’t receive notification of their payment from paypal as well. A while ago they see it as pending transaction and after few minutes we both received the payment notification from paypal - and its all good now, got my pay. This is the first time I have experienced this and it got me worried inn 4 hours, hope they can fixed it to not happen again.


I am integrating the InvoiceNinja for our E-commerce based platform. We would like to use InvoiceNinja to handle all the payments through their payment gateways.

Earlier, we wwere using Paypal for handling the payment. Once the payment was successful, we would get the notification to a particular URL( success/failure) and we were able to handle the order accordingly.

Any idea how to do this through InvoiceNinja. As we see it now, the client will receive the invoice with a link to the payment page. Once the client clicks on the payment page, he will be able to make the payment. However, the system will not receive any notification to process the order( on successful payment).

Any idea how to achieve this through InvoiceNinja API?