React Web App: Visual Fields Too Small

In the new React Web App the some visual fields are too small, here especually custom fields:

Old non-react web ui:

You can see that the custom field “Vorgang Kunde” is of an ok length and shows the field value correctly.

New React Web UI:

The field “Vorgang Kunde” is much smaller than in the old web interface and displays far less characters. With this important information is hidden which I need to see immediately when looking at the record.

Please change the layout so that more information is displayed and less space is used for nice UI elements. :slight_smile:


Thanks again for the feedback!

We recommend creating issues on GitHub for changes. We use the support forum to provide support, and GitHub to track requested changes in the app.

For reference React Web App: Visual Fields Too Small · Issue #1847 · invoiceninja/ui · GitHub

Thanks! FYI… you don’t need to label the issues for the React web app, the repo is only for React issues.

We have three main GitHub repos: backend (invoiceninja), React frontend (ui) and Flutter frontend (admin-portal).

Allright, thank you!

Thanks again for your feedback, it’s very much appreciated!

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