React Web App Bug: Task End Time


the React Web App has a bug in the Task view:
When adding a new time slot of a past day (e.g. I add a time slot from two days ago) the end time always refers to the current day and not the day of the start date - as it does in the non-react web interface.

See screenshot below:

Correct would be a duration of 2h and not 50h.


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david @ben

We have fixed this already, update to 5.9.9


Confirmed: After updating to 5.9.9 the bug is gone.

Thank you!

To resolve this issue we need to adjust the logic so that the end time accurately corresponds to the start date’s day, or may you can add a new time slot from a past day. The end time incorrectly refers to the current day instead of the day of the start date.