React UI - Enabled modules not working


2 small issues on the React UI :

  1. Browser tab display as undefined: Dashboard (or whaterver page i’m on). Is this normal behavior ? cf screenshot

  2. Recurring Invoices switch is not working as expected when toggled off on the React UI side only. It’s ok on the flutter side.

Thanks for your support

I should have specified : Recurring Invoices switch in Enabled Modules (account management)


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david @ben


Thanks for reporting this, we’ll add it to our backlog

A few more small issues :
Dates display are not translated (french in my case) on React UI, but they are on Flutter. cf screenshot

Amounts should be right align in columns. In some modules, it is correct, but not everywhere. This applies on both Flutter and React. cf screenshot

I’m working on finishing the translation for fr_ca. It seems that there are a few strings hardcoded, and thus, not present in the Transifex file. I will indicate them when I’m finished.

Can you tell me if the translation done in Transifex are integrated in each update of IN ?



Thanks for letting us know, we’ll add the translation of dates into our backlog.

We pull in the transifex translations about once a month, however, feel free to ping us here once you have the translations at the point where they are good for merging in and we’ll be happy to update.

Thanks @david

Is there a way for me to add new translation texts.php file from Transifex and have them work in my Selfhosted install ? That would help me a lot during translation work to get the context of some string directly in the app.

If not, could you please merge what is already translated in the next update ? At least fr_ca.



I’m merging the translations today and will tag a release.