React app: New lines problem in Terms/Footer/Notes when switch between Flutter and React

Hi, I like React version (my favorite GUI is simple HTML since v4). I try to switch to it but I have problem with the new lines in Terms/Footer/Notes. I also tried it in the demo version and the behavior can also be reproduced.

Here is what happen:

  1. In Flutter version write some text with new lines in Terms/Footer/Notes (in Quotes).
  2. Switch to React version and open the same quote. Item description is OK, but the text in Terms/Footer/Notes is merged into one line.
  3. Save the same quote in React.
  4. Open quote in Flutter - in the Terms/Footer/Notes fields you will see HTML markup like

<p>NEW LINE 1 2 3</p>

Is this a bug or I can change some settings to keep new lines on my Terms/Footer/Notes fields in React version?


Do you see a difference if you change the markdown option on Settings > Account Management?

cc @david @ben


This is a test in results in the demo version with “Enable Markdown” ON:
Quote - Terms:

In Flutter, save:


In React - result (after hard refresh, just in case):
L1 L2 L3 L4

Save again in React (do not add new lines), go to Flutter and refresh all. Result:
<p>L1 L2 L3 L4</p>

The test in demo version with “Enable Markdown” OFF give the same results. And all new lines works just fine in product descriptions for example.

Hi @hillel , maybe it’s a good idea to report the issue as a bug on GitHub?

Yes, that’d be great

Hi @hillel, I guess reporting a bug record wasn’t the best idea on my part. I got a reply that it was a compatibility issue that will not be solved and a little later I can’t find the bug entry I made anywhere.

Can you help me with the path to the source file on GitHub that is responsible for reading and writing the Terms/Footer/Notes fields from React? I will try to solve the problem myself and thus help others with a problem similar to mine.

The React source code is here but I’m not familiar with it, I manage the Flutter app.