Re: Blog, Following Up

Hi @hillel, thanks for your comments on my blog post about IN. I’m at 5.3.8 self-hosted docker right now and wanted to follow up on some of the points (I’ll update later today, just wanted to come back on these points).

  1. On the issue of reverting taxes to a value of 1.0, it appears to have been corrected at least by version 5.3.8. I’ve reflected on that in my post.

  2. Here’s a video of keyboard use in the Expense module. The tab order appears to be improving. In addition to my comments, the date picker is also unusable via the keyboard. Other modules may have similar challenges - but focusing on an often-used point of data entry for keyboard use really pays off. I would hope for (at the least), the ability to select the first field and be able to use only a keyboard to get to (and change values) in the rest in this module. I would hope that I can set the TAX NAME to something static for time savings. Switching from keyboard to mouse in contexts like these is super painful for users.

  3. I made note of the Windows application’s CPU usage after viewing and closing an invoice PDF. This is far more than I’d expect from an idle application.

I do try to win back on features that cause pain. It would be great to have a central location with a history of specific changes, additions, etc - the Github site is not great for figuring this out. One tool I use, Total Commander, does this to perfection.

More to come I’m sure… I appreciate the feedback and continue to work with IN. I’m happy to get the word out too.

Thanks for following up!

  1. There are a few different problems here. In the current version once you select an option it breaks the tab order, this is corrected in the next release. Having to use the mouse to select an option from the dropdown was a limitation of the framework we’re using but it’s recently been resolved, this should be corrected in the app soon. Also, in the next release you can use the tab key to select the date picker (and other icons). Note: the date field supports direct text entry, ie. 0101 resolves to Jan 1st. For what it’s worth, I use a very strange keyboard without a proper mouse called the DataHand, we’re very committed to enabling full keyboard control in the app.

  2. I believe this is an issue caused by the framework we’re using, desktop support is still considered ‘beta’. This should be resolved soon.

Please keep the feedback coming, the app may not be perfect yet but we won’t stop until it is.

That’s amazing. I appreciate the dedication everyone has to improvements on IN. I don’t expect perfection and understand many of these things can be challenging to implement.

  1. With the keyboard use, I think it’s just honing in on specific modules and working to build a basic workflow without switching to a mouse. The date in particular is a good example. I can TAB down to that field with my keyboard but when I get there, the cursor is flashing at the end of the edit field. I now have to use the keyboard to select all (CTRL+A) and type or Backspace several times. Or, use the mouse of course. To really be useful as a direct entry option, once tabbing in, all of that text should be selected and subsequently overwittern when I type 0101 for Jan 1.


However, looks like some great updates are coming. I look forward to it and I’ll keep you guys posted. Thanks.

That’s nice of you to say, although we most like won’t achieve perfection it’s always our goal. This comment on Reddit from eseidelGoogle (the creator of Flutter) may help provide some context, Flutter Web will be great but it will most likely take some time.

  1. That’s a good suggestion, we’ll look into it. In the latest release we’ve included the clear icon in the tab focus traversal, it’s possible if we make this change that wouldn’t be necessary. I’d be curious to get your feedback once it’s implemented.