Quotes showing the amount of 0.00 in the client portal


The quotes don’t show the correct amount in the client portal.

Thanks, Gijs

Hey Gijs, thanks for picking this up.

@hillel @david in the admin panel we show “Balance” & the database field is “amount”. In the client portal, “Amount” is used for the “balance” field. What’s the correct way?

@ecomsilio out-of-context, but we owe you huge thanks for picking up these things & suggesting a huge amount of improvements. Do you mind being mentioned here? https://github.com/invoiceninja/invoiceninja/tree/v5-develop#credits

If you’re okay with that, please send us what should we put there as thank you for your contributions. Can be your personal link or company, or both.

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Hi Ben,

Thanks for the offer but there is no need for that. I am really thankful for such a great product. I am not a php developer so I won’t be able to add anything to the code itself but I am happy to search for bugs and report them here in the forum or at github. I my opinion I shouldn’t be in the credits just for finding/filing bugs :slight_smile:

I will try to test a bit more and might come up with a few other issues. I will look at Github first if the issue already exists. Does it help if I add something like [Issue] at the beginning of the subject for bugs and [Feature] for feature requests?


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No worries! Credits section isn’t only for development, but if that’s your wish, I’ll respect that :+1:
Sure, labeling threads won’t hurt for sure, thanks!

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@ben this should mirror what we do for invoices. I believe $balance_due is the most appropriate variable.

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Thanks for reporting this. Fix for this is in the latest v5-develop.

Thanks once again for submitting such an awesome feedback :tada:

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