quote of invoice - invoice number stays quote number

I dont know if something went wrong on my end but i converted a quote to a invoice and the invoice number stayed at the same description as the quote.

Is the number the same or similar?

If either an invoice or quote prefix is set and ‘share counter’ in enabled we try to make the invoice number match the quote. For example ‘QUOTE-1234’ would become ‘1234’. There’s a unique constraint in the database for the invoice number field so the system shouldn’t be able to create an invoice with the exact same quote number.

Hope this helps…

i had made a quote OFF002, then i converted the quote to invoice and instead of following the invoice numbers VFxxxx it remained at OFF002

When you convert a quote to an invoice the quote remains but a new invoice is created. Is it possible you’re still looking at the quote?

no , i was a bit too quick and i sent the email out to the client and i got an email invoice OFF002 sent by …

To clarify are you saying the issue is with the email but the invoice is ok?


I convert off002 from quote to invoice
invoice created but numbering stays off002 instead of creating new invoice number ( VFxxxx )

also i just saw when i wanted to print all my invoices that in the PDF of the invoices the invoice number/date etc is stated Quote number and quote date etc instead of invoice!