Quote Emails Send, Invoice Emails Fail To Send

Using the invoice ninja site I can’t get invoices to send. But quotes seem to send just fine. I have a self-hosted plan but I am not currently self-hosting.

Let me know what info you need from my side. Thanks!

Are you seeing a specific error?

There may be more details if you click ‘Email history’ on the client overview page.

No specific error. It says in the client portal “System emailed invoice X to X” but no invoices are going though including the test invoices I’ve sent to myself. But quotes seem so send just fine.

What do you see when clicking ‘Email history’?

I’m not following you, I can’t find an email history bottom or tab. The closest I can find is looking at the history it says “Initial Email client X 10/Dec/2018 - 6 days ago” But nothing has come though.

Assuming you’re using our hosted platform there should be an ‘Email history’ link near the contact details.

Okay got it. This is what’s in the log “Delivered | 16/Dec/2018 09:16
smtp;250 2.0.0 OK 1544976979 n127si5765332itc.67 - gsmtp

But nothing is in my spam or inbox. Nothing is getting through to my customers.

Not sure, you may want to check if not attaching the PDF helps.

The PDF isn’t attached, they have to click on the link to view the invoice. I just double checked attach PDF is not checked in the settings.

Sorry, not sure…