Quote cloned to Purchase Order with custom invoice field

Trying to clone a quote to a purchase order but the custom invoice field I created won’t transfer over. Any ideas or a workaround to show the custom field(s) on purchase orders? @hillel ?


We’ll look into it

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I haven’t been able to reproduce this, it may help if you can post a screenshot.

I can’t take screenshots right now but here the steps to reproduce:

  1. Create custom field in Invoices under Advanced Settings.
  2. Set up new quote (custom field is visible during creation and in PDF); save quote
  3. Select the quote and click Clone to Other → choose Purchase Order
  4. Custom Field not visible anymore (Edit: in the Purchase Order)

Solution might be to allow Purchase Orders to have custom fields, and preferably the same fields shared between quotes, invoices and purchase orders?

In step 4 are you referring to the admin portal interface or do you mean on the PDF?

I think I see the problem. You should be able to add the custom field to the PO settings on Settings > Invoice Design however the custom fields aren’t shown. We’ll make sure this is corrected in the next release.

Excellent, thanks so much!