Queue configuration v5.3.23

Hi to all!

Recently I have noticed that an orange triangle appeared in System asking for moving to queues instead of sync. I couldn’t find the exact command and a step by step guide on how to configure the queues/supervisor under Laravel for invoice ninja is not available. Someone please post a config for supervisor to get this working. I am on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


Maybe this will help?


Dear Hillel,

thank you for your answer. I have configured the supervisor per your link. Now I am getting this:

Hmm… if you’re seeing pending jobs it means the queue isn’t running.

@david any thoughts to debug this?

Dear Hillel,

little update: the emails seem to work though and are sent instantly. What else could be on the pending jobs?

UPDATE 2: I have installed this https://github.com/RoboFinance/laravel-redis-queue-clear

and cleared the queue. Now the queue is empty and mails are send immediately so I guess the issue is resolved now.

Glad to hear it, thanks for sharing the solution!

Hi Vigorio

That link doesnt work. However I found another : https://github.com/vesper8/laravel-redis-queue-clear

Couldn’t make it work though. Was wondering how you made it work?

Secondly if it worked how is it different from php /var/www/invoice artisan queue:clear which I tried. It did remove the pending jobs but I don’t think it really worked instead I think it deleted those pending jobs.

Oh and am on RHEL 8

Would be really interested to get this working

Just to update: My configuration is based on #cron-configuration-1 specifically the LARAVEL/SUPERVISOR portion which advice to follow the guide at the LARAVEL docs.

I can post my supervisor config if need be.

Update 2: I finally got it working

Points to note:

  1. Cron configuration - Do not put anything in the cron as laid out in
  1. Follow the configuration for LARAVEL/SUPERVISOR as guided by
  1. Edit your .env and have the following entries:-


  1. Finally your worker configuration under the supervisor.d directory (in my case located in /etc/supervisord.d/inv_ninja.ini) should be as follows;
command=php /var/www/invoiceninja_v5/artisan queue:work sqs --sleep=3 --tries=3 --max-time=3600

NB: Take care to note the user running the worker, usually its www-data but it depends on your configuration. Mine is ninja.

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