Questions regarding invoice templates and general layouts + multilingual suppor

By default, invoiceninja’s invoice templates seems to show the ID number of each client in the client details section of each invoice.

The first issue I see is that usually these invoices get folded and sent out inside an envelope with a see-through part which leaves the client details section visible so you don’t have to print the recipient on the envelope. This means I need to remove details which should not be visible to the mailman like the VAT Reg. number and the ID number. Looks easily doable via the invoice fields section.

I assume if I want to show these details somewhere else on the invoice I need to learn to edit the templates themselves?

The second issue I see is that by default the client details section simply shows the ID number without a label. To add a label I would need to add an invoice label in the configuration but is there a way to make this invoice label somehow multilingual?
i.e. if I create an invoice label and call it: Client ID and assign it to ID Number what works fine for English speaking clients, if I invoice a German client that would look odd.

additional remark:
I just realized that the default templates also do not show a label for i.e. “VAT ID”. How do I get the label VAT ID to show in front of the actual ID on an invoice? If I do this by manually adding a label I hit the multilingual problem again.

This video covers some ways the design can be modified

It’s possible with a custom design to add a label however it would require replacing the field stack (ie, $invoiceFields) with the individual fields.