Questions about v5 migration with API

Hi, I got another e-mail about v5 migration today from Invoice Ninja. I’ve been using ninja’s web interface for my business for some years now, and I’ve also got it linked with Wix websites using the API to auto create invoices. I use both regular and recurring invoices.

I was wondering about the following

  1. Is it urgent to upgrade?
  2. Is it difficult to upgrade?
  3. Where to hire someone to change the code in Wix?

I’ve created the code in Wix myself, and it is working well, but I wouldn’t want to recreate it all myself for the new version.

Thanks, Michiel


  1. If you’re a paying user you can wait until later in the year
  2. We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible
  3. Customize Invoice Ninja - Bold Compass

OK thank you, I’ll ask for a quote

Hi Hillel, I just set up a test account on v5, to try and work out these API calls I was telling about in my last message. I haven’t migrated yet, because of wanting to get those API’s right first.

I used the 14 day free trail to set up a test account, because it was the only way to get an API token.

When I did a test API call, I got the following error message:
“Feature not available with free / unpaid account.”

I am actually already a paying customer, would it be possible for me to test out these API’s on v5 for a while within my current subscription? Ideally I would like to have a test account for some months in which I can test out the API’s before upgrading

@david can you please advise?


If you send us an email let us know your account email address and we can make sure your v5 account profile matches your v4 profile so you can use the API as needed.