Questions About Payment Overviews

On the dashboard we have payment overviews and invoice over views.

I personally like to see what I’ve done so far from the begging of the year.

I’m trying to understand what I’m looking at.

  1. What is the first number? The total of ALL active payments from January to today? So I’m to assume that archived payments aren’t included?

  2. What is the second number and why is it negative? What does it represent? Why is it red in invoices?

  3. Why is the number in parenthesis next to it a negative percentage? Why is it red in invoices?

  4. The average? Is that a weekly average? A monthly average?

  5. What is previous? Does that mean the previous year?

I assume this would answer the same questions for invoices/quotes/etc.


  1. The dashboard includes active/archived but excludes deleted

  2. The negative number shows the change from the previous period

  3. This is the percentage change

  4. The average for all records in the period

  5. It’s the previous period

Okay, I understand them all except for the average. Average of the period? So Total $$ of Payments / Amount of individual payments made (within period requested) = Average.

I see now. It does seem like that’s what it is. I would think it would be a lot nicer to see what you make on a monthly basis. Not really what your average is per invoice? Seems pointless since you get some invoices that are 75 bucks or some that are 10k. However, It’s nice to see what your average monthly (or weekly) income is because that can be useful data for financial reasons.

Thanks for the feedback, yes that’s correct.

Good point. Actually, I think all options are valid, we could just use more of them for better data analysis, that would perhaps finally make round-tripping data to/from Excel a bit less essential:

  • Average weekly/monthly/yearly income/payments/expenses sover chosen period of time;
  • Median weekly/monthly/yearly income/payments/expenses over chosen period of time;
  • Linear graph showing overall income/payments/expenses to date instead of a per-entity-per-date (for lack of a better term) graph, i.e. that kind of graph:
  • Some separate graphs/curves for profit, paid/received taxes, and so on.

Of course all of this can be done with exported CSVs but getting more summary/analysis options built-in would be very welcome, especially on the go and in real-time with mobile apps.


That looks great! Feel free to create an issue to track the request:


Awesome! I can’t wait to see it :slight_smile: