Questions about Customers and Contact changes on Quotes / Invoice

Hi All

Can’t find a solution after searching, so i ask here… i hope the answer in not obvious :slight_smile:

  • When checking a contact in quote/invoice, it does not appear in the invoice address seems only used to send email. Only first contact is used for the invoice adress and can never be changed
    How can we change the default contact applied or update it with an other company contact ?

  • Why can’t I select an other customer on a quote / invoice ? A customer may have several companies and ask to put a quote/invoice on a different company than the one we used when creating the document at first. Actually only “solution” i’ve found is to duplicate the quote/invoice and delete the old one just because of client name change.

A last question not directly related is :
how can I not display by default in quote list the one that have been converted to invoice ? There is no need to see them to follow upcoming business.

Thanks for your help

  • The first contact is always used as the default and shown on the invoice. It’s possible in the future we’ll use the first checked contact.

  • We track the activity/balances of each client. If an invoice’s client could be changed it would make this much more complicated to track.

  • If you archive the quotes they’ll be hidden from the list.


  • Ok

  • So could it be done at least on Quotes or you have the same complicated tasks ? I understand Invoice is not supposed to be deleted, but quotes can be so I imagine it is may be easier to do. Am I wrong ?

  • Ok for Archive. Maybe we could have a “Convert to Invoice and Archive” choice in the menu to achieve this task in one manipulation.

For quotes you’d also need to clone and delete the old one. I realize this approach takes a longer but I think it provides a clearer history.

Maybe… we work hard to try to limit the number of buttons in the app. Another approach could be to add an ‘auto archive’ option on /settings/invoice_settings

FYI… the best approach for feature requests is to create an issue on GitHub.

I agree on your approach not to put too many buttons, that’s why i only ask only for what i think is time consuming for end user on a daily basis :slight_smile:
Adding in settings is a good way to allow “power users” to search for that kind of improvement while regular users still benefits of simple interface approach of Invoice Ninja.

I’ll have a look at GitHub, i use to think it was for Bugs reporting or feature request that have been validated by Dev team at first (to avoid thousands of feature request polluting your Github…).


GitHub is for everyone :slight_smile:

We’ll clarify the notes in the ‘new post’ section of the forum.

I should note… if it’s a feature we could see adding in the future we’ll flag the issue as a ‘feature request’, if we wouldn’t add the feature (even if time was no object) the issue is closed.

Ok great, I’ll try to do so for my next requests :slight_smile: