Question on Migration

I am wanting to make the switch to v5 from v4. I have a hosting plan that I have all my customers on and each account has its own panel and settings.

Here is the saga - If I switch my account ( over to PHP 8 then v4 doesn’t work. In order for v5 to install correctly, they have to modify some of the PHP 8 settings. I know it’s a mess. So I have a ( hosting account on the same server and I installed v5 on that hosting with php8. I decided that I would use the .us domain for just billing. Here are my questions:

Will v4 allow me to migrate to v5 at a different domain name? They will most likely have different database names. But they are on the same server. What would be the cleanest way to move that data from v4 to v5?

Thanks for any advice,


Also forgot to mention - that they both have the same email address if that makes a difference.


v5 supports PHP v7.4.

The migration can be used on the same or on different servers.

great :slight_smile:

Sorry one more question - After I migrate, will v4 still be intact with the same data? Just in case things did not work out, I could still use v4.


Ask as many questions as you’d like…

The migration doesn’t affect the v4 app at all.

thank you very much.