Question about Invoices and numbering before moving to invoiceninja

Hello just recently discovered invoiceninja and it seems really perfect for my needs but i have some questions before i take the decision to move to invoiceninja.
In my country we require to provide different invoices for sales and for services with each having its own numbering of invoice. The question is is there a way to do that in invoiceninja either current version or the new v5!!! I mean when creating an invoice to chose if it is invoice A with automatic icrement of numbering or Invoice B with its own automatic increment of numbering.

Thank you


The only solution I can think of is to create two separate client records and then use the client counter in the invoice number. This would work in both versions of the app.

Thank you hillel for you responce i have a test instalation to play with and test things out can you please elaborate a bit where the client counter is ? Are you refering to the client id?

Thnk you

You can enable the client counter by setting a custom invoice number pattern on Settings > Invoice Settings

Ohh i see
ok got it :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help