Question about different PDF template for invoice vs quote

I customized the PDF using the invoice design thing. I used a ready made template and then changed the css and so on. I also added stuff in the “footer” tab.

My problem is I need different wording on the quote, that shouldn’t appear on the invoice. So the changes I made to the “footer” now appear on the quote as well, incorrectly.

Is there some way to deal with this? There are so many customization points so I’m unsure which way to go. Would appreciate any help!


You can either set different default invoice/quote footers (on Settings > Company Details > Defaults) or use separate designs for quotes and invoices.

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Hi thanks for that. I now have two separate templates which have completely different footers.

But I encountered a new problem. When I “convert” a quote to invoice it actually uses the quote template (css/header/footer/etc).

That seems like a serious bug (can’t imagine someone creating an invoice from scratch, obviously the idea is to “convert”) - so since it hadn’t been caught yet it’s more likely that I did something wrong.

Please tell me if I did this right: I went to the invoice design, clicked the blue button, chose a ready made template, customized it, then used a new name and saved. Then I did all that again but used a different name and saved. Then I went to the invoice design again and chose the templates in the “Invoice Design” and “Quote Design” drop down fields.

I had stuff in various “defaults” fields but I cleared them all out when I did it this new way.

This is a bug, it’s being tracked here:

That sounds correct. If the designs are otherwise the same it may be better to use the invoice/quote terms field, it would eliminate the problem you’re seeing and make it easier to apply changes in the future.

Ha I automaticlly thought it was me!

The designs are different - I need different data for quotes and invoices. Im sure its like that many countries. The quote has stuff like “you get this and this, and you want me because, and here is my info, and so on”, and the invoice has “I did the work, now pay me please, here is my banking info, and so on”. I also had to customize the headers to display some legal stuff required in my country.

Actually I did try that “terms” field, but it displayed everything in a small column instead of across the page. But even so it only addresses the issue if the footer is the suspect (for me its the header too, and I have separate css).

Thanks for your advice. I’m gonna keep tracks on that github issue.

(Also, don’t wanna sound ungrateful because Im really really really! impressed by this new version … but it may be a good idea to prioritize that bug because its a mega one. I could recreate invoices from scratch instead of converting – aaargh – but then I imagine things will not be automatically “linked” as I work on them.)

Thanks for the feedback!

cc @david

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