Question about deposits and auto billing


So I sent an invoice to a client earlier requesting half of the total be paid.

For some reason, however, the client paid twice, so I ended up receiving the full amount for the invoice.

I’m not sure if the client messed up by paying twice as he did ask me to send the invoice again under a different name or if the problem was due to the auto-billing function.

What I mean is - did the second half of the invoice get paid straight after he paid the deposit because my settings are set to auto-bill on the send date?

I want to make use of the auto-billing function but not on invoices where I only need the deposit paid for now.

I hope this all makes sense.



Not sure I understand, auto-blling only applies to recurring invoices.


Sorry, it’s quite difficult to explain what I mean.

So I sent an invoice to a client, let’s say for £600. The deposit was 50%, so £300. When he paid, I received the full amount of the invoice in 2 separate £300 payments.

My question was, did this happen because I have auto-billing set up. So when he paid the first £300, he was charged the second £300 automatically right away.

If that’s not the case, then the only thing I can think of is that he paid twice. I sent him the invoice twice because he wanted the named changed on the first one I sent. Maybe he opened both and paid it again.

I don’t think it’s related to auto-billing, I assume he clicked pay twice