Question about API. JSON Differs from v4!

The JSON structure for invoices and clients are completely different between v4 and v5 (haven’t looked at the others but I assume they have changed too). For example invoice_number and invoice_date (v4) become just number and date in v5.

A couple of issues around invoices:

  1. In v5 there is no payment_date field and I cannot find an equivalent in the JSON (I cannot see the actual date paid) so how do I tell when payment is made?

  2. The call I make looks like
    curl -X GET “https://MYDOMAIN/api/v1/invoices?per_page=100&updated_at=1612255379” -H “X-API-Token: MYTOKEN”

The “updated_at=” time is ignored (works perfectly in v4), and I get every invoice we’ve ever produced! Is there a new call I should be making?

We use this to integrate IN into our company accounts package so I need to get this right :slight_smile:


  1. I believe the field is

  2. @david any thoughts?

I just spotted that too :wink:

Any idea about the updated_at not working? Pulling every invoice and payment every time to post new invoices and mark as paid is a lot of data!!


I am unable to recreate this. The updated_at query parameter is working as expected for me.

If this is migrated data we are talking about then most likely the updated_at field will be similar for most entities as this column is auto updated by Laravel.

It’s the migrated data having the timestamps changed by Laravel.