Quantity field dissapeared from PDF quote and invoice


The quantity field dissapeared from our invoice/quotation PDF. The same issur occurs in React and Flutter.

New quotations:

Old quotations:

The quantity parameter is present in the product layout:

Despite an unpdate of invoice ninja to the last version (I clicked on “force update” in the (i) menu in the flutter site), we didn’t touch the parameters.
I also tried to switch to an another invoice/quotation template, but the issue still occurs. If I move the “Quantity” field in an another place (before description, after total, …) it remain hidden. The total amount is well updated according to the quantity…)

I’m a bit lost now. Maybe I need to roll back to an older version? (tbh, I didn’t remember the version used before the update to 5.7.2)

Many thanks in advance for your help!


Can you please check that “Show product quantity” is enabled on Settings > Product Settings.

Ok, I feel so dumb. Thank you for your help. Your customer support is clearly amazing!

Glad to hear it’s sorted, thanks for the update!