Purchase orders - scoping session

Hi Everyone! :wave:

We are doing some scoping work on Purchase Orders as our next module and want to open up the discussion to the community as to what you would like to see - functionality wise - with Purchase orders.

Typically it involves creating a purchase order, having a vendor approve it, then converting it to an expense and then potentially an invoice.

Please let us know your thoughts!

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You can find some relevant info here:

Hi David and Hillel.

I just had a look at the current PO implementation.

What I would expect from PO is the following.

  1. I create a PO and send vendor an email (already done)
  2. Vendor approves a PO in client portal (already done)
  3. Vendor selects his payment method (Bank Transfer, Paypal…) and fills the required fields for the selected payment.
  4. Vendor uploads PDF invoice.
  5. Expense is created and waits to be paid manually and change the expense state to PAID…

Thank you

Thanks for the feedback!

cc @david


Thanks for the feedback we are implementing the following:

  1. In the vendor portal, in the profile, the vendor can manage the Public Notes where they can enter their payment details.
  2. Vendor uploads will be enabled in an upcoming release.

We will further extend the functionality to allow converting a purchase order to a expense AND to enable better integration with inventory, allow assigning the purchase order as “received”

As PO is concerned you got it covered. But you could always take it a bit further and solve the whole process of vendor’s submitting the invoices and required payment data. You can advertise it as a Vendor Payment System module or alike.

Point 3 is actually very important, as you force the vendor to enter the EXACT fields you need to make the transfer possible, not allowing him to skip any field and limit fields (validations) to same validations as your bank has. Then he needs to find this data for you and make your work easier. Also, he holds responsibility if the transfer doesn’t happen due to wrong input.

For example, my bank wants me to enter those fields.

At the moment I use online Google forms and I force vendors to enter all this fields (with same char limits/validations as my bank has), else we do not transfer the money. Then I just copy/paste. The system works great. It has never been a problem so far.

For paypal, only email address is needed, maybe subject or description optionaly. For other payments maybe a few more fields are required.