Purchase orders pricing


Purchase orders seems to have a pretty big flaw.

If I have a product which I retail at 100USD but it’s cost is 80USD, when I create a purchase order it does NOT take the 80USD price from the “cost” field, instead taking the 100usd retail price. (Making me change it over and over again, and if i mistakenly forgot to do it just once my supplier will know the price i’m retailing it for)

It happens to when converting an estimate to purchase order too.

Seems like an odd behaviour!

Also, it’ll be handy to be able to change the payment method (30 days, 60 days…) in the clients section, as not every client has the same payment plan.


I think it’s a reasonable suggestion, @david if you agree I’ll make the change.

The app supports setting the payment terms when editing a client.

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Thanks for your fast answer @hillel ! Let’s hope David likes it too!

Just one last thing, is there a way to create a delivery note without creating an invoice?

I’m really close to switching to InvoiceNinja, it’s a pretty good software to be honest, but in spain law requires invoices to be made by date and in order, so it’s a problem to create invoices that are just delivery notes (some clients want to recieve one invoice with all the deliveries of the month, and I cannot send them 3 separate invoices)

It’s greatly appreciated you accept so much feedback from the community!

We appreciate the feedback, it’s critical to improving the app.

The app doesn’t support creating a delivery note without an invoice. A possible workaround for sending 3 invoices may be to send a client statement instead.

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Sounds fine to me, can you advise if this is a front end change only?

Ok, great. That’s correct, frontend only.