Progress billing

We use the online version and we work with projects that we need to be able to bill as their project progresses. I am probably just missing how to do it, but this is really big for us. Some of our projects can take months to complete.

Thanks in advance.

You can invoice all open tasks for a project at once, does that help?

Not really. We need to be able to incremental billing as the project moves forward.

We have a lot of client driven processes we use and that is our main concern.

It is not unusual for a project to last up to 6 months with us. First we determine what they need and go from there. We send things out to our vendors for the different elements of the required work. We bill during the process.

This is a basic example of what happens, a contractor contacts us to get prices to add into his quote to do a building. We figure out what it should need and supply the quote. Next, we send the quote out and the contractor approves it and then we send the project over to the engineers so we know what specs will be required, etc. Then we send that to the contractor and they approve it. Then we send it to a group that does all the cad drawings for all of the glass to be manufactured. Once they prepare the drawings, we send them to the contractor to approve. In most of these processes, once the contractor approves the things we have sent them, we bill them for that element. Then there are other steps, but I am sure you get the idea.