Products do not work on Mac Safari or IOS Safari

I was thinking I finally found an invoicing solution until I got to adding products into an invoice, and couldn’t figure out how to do it. Then watched the video and realized ok, the products should just show up when you are active in the box to enter an item. So this does not work on Mac Safari El Capitan nor iOS 9, I tried double clicking in the box, up down arrows, etc. I fired up Windows Edge and of course it worked, but we are a Mac only shop.

Does anyone else have this problem, or is there a setting to fix this?

Maybe in the development path?

We currently use an HTML5 datalist to show the products however it isn’t supported by Safari.

In the release after next (v2.5.1) we’re changing over to using a JavaScript autocomplete which should enable this to work on Safari. In the meantime it should work correctly on Chrome for OSX.

thanks, what is the ETA for that release?

Are you using or are you self hosting?

Evaluating the solution currently, can go either way if it works. Main use is recurring subscriptions for my business (100’s a month).