ProductFilters Class

Where can I find documentation for the ProductFilters class?

This class is mentioned in the Swagger Docs for Get Products:
“Query parameters can be added to performed more fine grained filtering of the products, these are handled by the ProductFilters class which defines the methods available”

I’m using v5, hosted.


@david can you please advise?


Our filter classes as here:

You can use the method name ie status as the query parameter ?status= and then set your value you wish to query by. ?status=active

Note that we haven’t scoped out all of the possibilities, so if there is some specific you wish to include, we can add it to each entities flter class.

Ok, thank you. I was looking for products is_deleted. I tried the query parameter as you suggested, but it was ignored.

Ah, I see that status will filter active, deleted, archived. Thanks.