Product Quantity

When invoicing a product the quantity of the product is set to be the quantity of the item on the invoice rather than being decreased by that amount.
For example if I have a product with a quantity of 25 and create an invoice for 3 of that product the product page will list 3 instead of 22. Disabling “Update Products” in product settings keeps the quantity at 25.

I’ve adjusted line 85 of app/Jobs/Product/UpdateOrCreateProduct.php to reduce the amount

$product->quantity = isset($item->quantity) ? ($product->quantity - $item->quantity) : 0;

Without further error checking the product quantity can go into the negative but if you’re selling more than you have it’s an alright indicator of how many more of that product you need to get…


The quantity field in the product is the default quantity, the app doesn’t support tracking the inventory.

The only option for default quantity in the settings is to set it to 1. Disabling this leaves the quantity field blank in an invoice. Enabling it sets it to 1 regardless of the quantity set for the product.

If “Show product quantity” is enabled in the product settings you can set a quantity to use in the product

I have “Show Product Quantity” enabled and “Default Quantity” disabled. In this configuration adding a product with a quantity of 10 as an invoice line item will fill the item, description, and unit cost but the quantity is blank.
Enabling “Default Quantity” will set the line item quantity to 1 instead of 3

Ok, thanks. I’ll try to reproduce it.