Product (custom) field in task

Is there an easy way to add product selection in tasks?
When PO comes for the product, I set task for client and product/amount and will be able to see backlog-done status. Once finished and shipped will invoice.

Currently just copying product name and amount(order size) to task description and adding time 0

just to clarify
task being for product production, product will be billed (not the task), task is just for our planning/time management

it is probably against intended workflow but… it would help


Not sure I understand your questions, but… there is an option on Settings > Task Settings to always show the tasks table. You can use the auto complete in the first field to then add a product to the tasks section.

Hi, thanks for a response.
do not have “Settings > Task Settings” , using online, not self hosted if it differs.
in settings/invoice settings/ custom fields/tasks was hoping to insert product selection(auto complete), is it possible?
also if I add custom field it does not show in task list and kanban

Thanks for clarifying, some of these features will improve with the next version in a few months.