Processing Vouchers

We have a payment source where vouchers are issued to customers by a third party for redemption with our organisation. The vouchers contain a serial and the vouchers must be handed to us to redeem on behalf of the client.

  • Multiple vouchers can be applied to one single invoice (normally maximum of two)
  • When multiple vouchers are used, the value of the vouchers is more than the amount invoiced. The remaining credit should not be carried over.
  • Each invoice amount needs to be calculated automatically when vouchers are applied.
  • The voucher payment type is a manual payment type, and not to available to clients as a payment method.
  • Each voucher has a different serial that needs to be recorded.

Could you please advise possibly the best way to process vouchers?

One option may be to track the vouchers as credits however if a credit is partially used the credit balance remains.

For reporting purposes we decided to process the vouchers as a check payment rather than a credit. I would like to automate the processing of vouchers on invoices. Without the option to not accept the balance credit we cannot achieve this.