Problems with send_email database field


we had the problem, that some customers doesn’t get emails from the system.
After some research I saw, that in the database the field send_email was 0 (false).

For the user where sending mail is working its 1 (true.)
So I changed the value and its working but we got this for a lot of customers.

My question is where this value is set in the webfrontend because I never set it in the database before and I didnt find the value in the webfrontend …
Short note: we migrated from invoice 4 to 5 a month ago maybe its something with the migration.

Greetings Epytir


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david

Are you able to check if the value is set to 1 in v4?


Im Not in the Office anymore but tomorrow i can Check this and give You Feedback.

That’d be great, thank you!


it is most likely an artifact from the migration from v4. I believe this issue is addressed in the most recent versions of the app.

how long ago did you migrate?

I checked the old and new database today:
4 example entries from our database are attached. (1 entry Invoice5 is = first invoice4 so the same entrys)
InvoiceNinja 4 ID entry 111 sendemail is 0 so it was 0 before the update.

yesterday 3 out of 4 entries in invoice5 was 1 today all 4 entries are 0 (I cant test send mail because thats are actually customers so maybe this isn’t a problem)
Here is the database output I removed some fields so fits into 1 screenshot.

Greetings Epytir