Problems with Date, Balance Due and Subtotal


I have the paid version (enterprise).

I have some questions or problems:
• The date cannot be represented in the German (European) format, like “30.06.2016”?!
• I would like to get rid of the “balance due” on the bill details (it’s mostly on the top of the invoice/quotation, near the client data)
• How can I get rid of the “subtotal” if there is no discount? It’s a little bit confusing, to see the sum twice …

Hope this is simple and you have quickly solution for me.

Thanks for your help.

To show where ist the Date, BalanceDue and Subtotal

I believe the German date format is there, it’s the third from the bottom on /settings/localization

We don’t currently support easily customizing which fields are shown, we’re looking into adding it in a future release.

Thanks for the fast answer.

I’m sorry, but there is no such field or selection.
I know where I can edit the date format, but no 30.06.2016 (with points …)

field for date format

OK, good to hear for future release.
It would be helpful for the beginning, just to have - maybe - a checkbox for to show or not to show on the document.

Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the screenshot, my mistake.

The new format is in our next release and should be available a week tomorrow.

Great, thank you.
I’m waiting for it.