Problem with the bills sent to the client

Were custom changes made to the code?

No i really don’t think so

I think I understand part of the problem, these links are for users they aren’t client links

And can you help me understand what we did wrong ?

Sorry, if it stopped working something must have changed to make it stop. Without knowing what changed it’s hard to help.

But what you are saying is that you think there is no problem with the software but we have probably changed a configuration wrongly ? If it’s indeed like that, we should be able to solve the problem by changing options from the admin only.

Can you please send a sample “View in portal” link, the links you’ve sent are from user notification emails

You was right, our secretariat wasn’t sharing the corrects links. They gave me the admin confirmation links here.
In fact, one of our clients did have a problem with his bill viewer but just with just one bill, not all of them. The infos i got wasn’t clear at all.

If i can, i will try to get this specific bill that was problematic and show you that.

Thank you for your time, you really helped me understand the situation.