Problem with the bills sent to the client

Hello everyone,

Recently, we have some problems with the direct link we sent to our customer.

The version of invoiceNinja we use is v4.5.11

Here is an example of link structure (obviously, false key) :

Previously that was working like a charm but recently, this link redirect the client to the login page.

And if i try to visit it from a navigator where i am already connected, i got this message : “Unauthorized.”

Can you help me to understand this sudden problem ?

Best regards,


Has anything changed?

No, we have not updated anything recently or changed any major parameter.

The old link the was working got the same problem now.

You may want to try disabling the iFrame/website feature on Settings > Client Portal

I am sorry for the dumb question, but i really don’t see this option in my interface.
Could you be more precise about where i can find that ?

My interface is in french, so i don’t have the exact same terms.

Are you using the iFrame feature?

If you want to send a sample “View in portal” link to it may be helpful

It’s the problem, i don’t know if we are using the iframe option. Where can i see this ?
I don’t have “Settings > Client Portal” so i am not sure to look at the right place.

The page URL is /settings/client_portal

When i try to access this url, i am redirected to “/settings/user_details”

I shared you a link by mail like you asked

It sounds like you may not be an admin in the account, did someone else set it up?

You are right, i wasn’t using the admin account.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but the dev that created this account doesn’t work with us anymore, so we try to understand the configuration as well as solving this issue.

Ok, i found the admin account and i see the iframe feature. That’s not used, the “website” field is empty.

Sorry, I’m not sure. Where any changes made to the web server?

No, absolutly nothing recently.

If you want to send a sample “View in portal” link to I can take a look

I already forwarded a real client link the 02/10/20 09:18.

It’s not what you mean ?

I don’t see it, can you please send it again

Ok no problem, it’s done !

I don’t understand the link, why does it contain ‘/account’?

Can you check old links to see if it’s changed.

Hello !
I shared with you (by mail) some (5) other links we found in our mail history